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     Hi. Let me introduce myself. I'm Keith          Atkinson, founder of Communication            Concept Technologies, LLC.  (CCT)

Early Years: I grew up in Newtown, CT and graduated from Newtown High School. I've been in the telecommunications business since 1983. I started right out of electronics school working for Tie Communications in Shelton, CT. I began in the repair department, which gave me a strong foundation for understanding telephone systems at the component level. I moved from repair to the technical service engineering department, which consisted of helping other telephone vendors in the field to program, configure and provide tech support and solutions. From there, I moved to Corporate Communications at Tie. After Tie, I joined Executone, where I was a field service representative and repair technician. 

Starting this business: I decided to start my own company, originally called Communication Concepts, in 1985. (I later modified the name and formed an LLC) I began this business to fill a void in the telecommunications industry. What was missing was good old-fashioned ethicial and ON-TIME service to customers, and I have always prided myself in staying true to my original vision. As the business grew in the 1990's, it was tempting to hire additional staff and grow, as many of my competitors did. However, quality control is key at CCT, and I felt that I could not ensure the same high standards with a less-qualified staff who perhaps might not have the same level of dedication and commitment to customers. My longstanding customers have relied on me to be their contact, consultant, trouble-shooter, and "emergency repairman" and my relationships with them have endured throughout the years. Therefore, CCT is primarily a solo venture, with support as needed available for larger projects or to cover vacations. Although I am small, your service needs are always covered 24/7!

Why go with Communication Concept Technologies?
• Personalized Service
• Fast and Punctual Response
• Experienced: Nearly 30 years in Telecommunications
• Economical Solutions to fit every need and Budget
• CCT has served Fairfield, New Haven and Litchfield Counties since 1985

What Do Past Customers say about Keith Atkinson and Communication Concept Technologies? 

" As a female business owner, I've relied  on Keith to help me figure out what I need. I've moved my office several times, and every time I know I can count on him to get my phone system up and running promptly. We've had a variety of systems over the years and it's been tremendously helpful to have Keith provide the staff with an orientation on how to use the features of the system, set up the voicemail, transfer messages, etc. It beats trying to read the 100 page manual! Aside from his technical expertise, Keith is a GREAT guy. We love Keith and always feel comfortable having him around, which is important in an all-female office."   Patti Hamaguchi, Hamaguchi & Associates (formerly of Brookfield, CT)

"Keith can untangle the most complicated glitches in my phone system! I called several companies before finding out about Keith and CCT. The first company didn't return my call, the second never showed up, and the third one sent out a guy who apparently was more trained on computers than telephones and couldn't figure out what to do after two hours. My neighbor recommended Keith, and that afternoon he had my phones up and running. In my business, no phones = no business, and from that day on, I've never used anyone else. I'd highly recommend Keith Atkinson and Communication Concept Technologies for your telephone service needs."  Maryanne Lusk, Speech-Language Pathologist (Prospect, CT)

"We called Keith to help with our home office computer network cabling. He came on time, did the work efficiently, and was wonderfully pleasant to work with. I'd highly recommend him."  (Frank McAleer, Southbury homeowner)

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